> Character- prop- and layoutdesign for the Swedish feature film Metropia. Here is a few samples. <

Character design

All characters are based on photographs of real people.
This fella is reading a porno mag on the subway and is built from three different persons faces.

But unfortunealeatly... Character_266_OLDMAN3 never raises his head in the story. He just keep sit still, looking down and read (!?) So... You won't see his face anywhere then here. Welcome!




Screenshot from Metropia.















Layout design

...for the maincharacter Roger Olofsson. Photography and handdesign to fit in different angles and other special needs.





Prop design

Roger and Nina escapes in a truck filled with shampoo-boxes! I did a photo shoot at a nearby spraycan wholesale store to make sure all angles would turn out right before building the inside of the truck inna the computer.






Character- & Background design

Camera from the TV to show how is peoples livingroom.








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Metropia, 2009
Directed by Tarik Saleh
Art Director Martin Hultman
Script Fredrik Edin & Stig Larsson
Lead animator Isak Gjertsen
Runtime 86 min
Certification Sweden:11